Flexepin PinPurchase Gambling

If you are looking for alternative casino payment methods to credit cards, try PinPurchase gambling. The prepaid vouchers from Flexepin were introduced in 2015. This is a Canadian company based in Toronto whose parent company is Flexewallet. The latter has established itself as a reliable payment service working since 1996.

Flexepin is a prepaid payment system that works online. Simply put, users can visit the nearest retailers and purchase vouchers that are protected by PIN codes. Casino players prefer using Flexepin PinPurchase for fast and anonymous deposits. Besides, the numbers on the vouchers provide total security.

Using PinPurchase for Online Gambling

If you want to make secure payments to your online casino or sportsbook, there is no easier way to do it than via PinPurchase. The entire process of Flexepin deposit takes only a few minutes. You need to take the voucher and enter the sixteen-digit number, and you’re good to go.

How to Deposit via PinPurchase

As we said, making a deposit via the voucher is easy. Follow these steps to make an instant deposit:

  1. Search for a place to buy a PinPurchase voucher. It can be a retail store or an online Flexepin reseller.
  2. Determine the amount of money you want to deposit and buy the relevant voucher.
  3. Open your casino account and head over to the cashier section.
  4. Select Flexepin as your preferred deposit option.
  5. Enter the amount of your deposit.
  6. Find the 16-digit number on your voucher and enter this code into the specific field.

Flexepin gambling websites offer various casino bonuses ranging from bonus money to free spins. Any deposit or no deposit bonus is available for Flexepin users. So, if you want to use a casino bonus, you can do it at the moment of depositing via PinPurchse. Simply input the bonus code or tick the “I want the bonus” box to receive your bonus funds along with the deposit amount.

PinPurchase Withdrawals

Flexepin vouchers work as prepaid online cards that can only be used for casino deposits. This means if you want to cash out your winnings on the used voucher, it is simply impossible.

This is a disadvantage of PinPurchase gambling. But you can always use any other payment option for your withdrawal such as a banking card, bank transfer, or e-wallet.

Benefits of PinPurchase Gambling

Flexepin voucher system is perfect to use for casino deposits. First of all, players can access the prepaid PinPurchase in almost all retail stores in Canada. Hundreds of locations across the provinces and territories sell vouchers in different denominations. Speaking of sums of money, PinPurchase vouchers are available at $20, $50, $100, $150, $250, $300, or $500.

Anonymity is another benefit of PinPurchase gambling. Using the vouchers, you don’t need to use your banking details, which is why no one can know about it. Besides, all your sensitive information will be unexploited.

The online gambling industry is increasingly growing. Many banks and payment services are aware of this fact and create new payment solutions for users. Among the most popular prepaid options, Flexepin PinPurchase stays at the top.